Proposal: New game Mode "Fusion".

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Proposal: New game Mode "Fusion".

Postby marvelman » Fri Jul 06, 2018 8:11 pm

Hello. I'm a former player who hasn't been in the game in a while. I don't know if the game has been very deserted and it won't do any good.
But I have thought an idea that I think is good enough to try to get the programmers and look at it.
To this idea I called it "fusion mode" and I think it would give a very interesting new approach to the game.
The idea is to have the opportunity to carry races of with powers added of the existing 32, and also the implantation would make sense to buy races that have no abilities or even negative abilities like the "Teddy bear".

Players entering a "fusion mode" game will find 4 random races (for exemple) of level 1,Every 1 of these races we will call "block". Races that do not have the players in the account will be blocked and will not serve you anything in that game. Otherwise you will see a second race of level 2, this is repeated until level 4.
Finally each player selects up to 1 race of each block (some of those blocks may not be able to select any), and will play that game with the added skills of all the selected races.

I've thought about the levels this way (there may be changes if you think it's accurate):
Level 1 Races:
Aliens, Snow giants, Elves, Legionaires, T. bear, Robots, Elementals, Soldiers.

Level 2 Races:
Ninjas, pirates, B.Masters, D.Nights, Pumpkings, Natives, Cyborgs, Santa.

Level 3 Races:
Demons, Angels, Vampires, Insectoids, Reeinder, Snowmen, Therminators.

Level 4 Races:
Watchmen, Werewolves, Undead, Aracnids, Reptils, Franky, Snowfleaks, Dragons.

-The Watchmen race and the undead race have the same ability, it could be programmed so that they never leave the 2 at the same time.
-The alien race I think it was given to people who gave a donation, a long time ago, could be arranged to get it in some other way.
-The race watchmen I think you can only take the players who have activated the premium mode, although I don't see the need to do it, you can make some change.

Thank you all for reading me, and I hope that at least my idea seems interesting to implement.

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